Tractor Trailer Repair in Conroe, TX

Tractor Trailer Repair

It takes a special kind of repair shop to repair and service your tractor trailer. Here at Milstead Service Center RV Center, we speak truck driver and know how to work on your rig,to help it last for many years. And if you’ve got a fleet, we perform fleet tractor trailer repairs, too.

Truckers throughout Montgomery County know of our quality repairs. We service residents in Conroe, Willis, Cleveland, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Spring, Lake Conroe, Magnolia, Huntsville and Pinehurst..

Your Destination for Tractor Trailer Repair in Conroe

Whether you’ve got a Peterbilt or a Volvo, diesel or a gas engine, we’ve got you covered. We service all types of trailers too including Triples, Turnpike Doubles and Rocky Mountain Doubles!

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced to perform everything from air suspension repairs to interior flooring. Best of all, we work efficiently to perform our repairs to minimize downtime, so you can get back on the road.

A Few of Our Tractor Trailer Repairs

  • Warning light diagnosis (check engine, ABS, airbag, etc.)
  • Engine repair (gaskets, exhaust, cooling system, etc.)
  • Steering and suspension repair (tie rods, ball joints, king pins, etc.)
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair (lighting, wiring, etc.)
  • Brake repair (ABS, brake pads/rotors, etc.)
  • Transmission repair (manual transmission, automatic transmission, clutches, etc.)
  • Air conditioning and heating (A/C recharge, Compressors, heater cores, etc.)
  • Routine maintenance (fluids, filters, timing belts, etc)
  • Lighting (tail lights, brake lights, etc.)
  • Axles (seals, bearings, etc.)
  • Wheels and tires
  • Hitches
  • Flooring

If you’re looking for experienced, affordable and dependable Conroe tractor trailer repairs, Look no further than Milstead Service Center RV Center.

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“Milstead is not only very professional with exemplary completion time and service, they also are generous, knowledgeable and highly trustworthy! “

- Dawn, R



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